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If you ship troyler, lets see how many of us there are!

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AU The Fault In Our Stars where Hazel Grace succumbs to the cancer and dies and in the last scene all you see is Augustus standing out side with a cigarette between his lips and a hand slowly reaching up to light it.

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a kanye west convention

I been thinking about this I can’t decide to call it conye or kanye fest

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i hate when a character is obviously bisexual but they wont call it that

its like if I walked up to someone, complimented their shoes, and they were like “OH YOU MEAN MY FOOT HOLDERS”

no we have a word for that and you should probably say it

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Fangirl level: Tyler Oakley



Damn straight.

I feel straight was the wrong word to use about fanfics

'check the wire box'

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in forever but here’s a new graphic okay.